I dreamed that i was some sort of rich lady that was slightly famous, went to some high class party and met this guy who turned out to be?? Basically batman?? He never said he was batman but he was totally batman

So we start dating but somehow its outted and his secret identity is at stake so we must RUN AWAYYYY

So i become basically his sidekick and we run away through some sort of subway system but eventually i accidentally blow up a subway car full of people and me and batguy are separated and i realize im dreaming and wake up


a princess bubblegum to sooth the soul…

Actively waiting for holleyteatimes dresses to go on sale while on lunch break


if illumi was Small……it would solve so many problems. but also new problems.
i’ve had this sitting around for a while, so i figured i’d upload it. the style seems weird to me :/ hmm
I may or may not be admiring my own face